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Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors

What you can expect from
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Customer Effort Score(CES)

How easy was it for customers to use your product? Avail your services? Measure it using the customer effort score. Lower the score, the better. Share CES surveys right after a sale or after an interaction, to know if they’ll stick to your brand.
Do customers love your brand ?

Product Feedback

Find out the pain-points of customers while using your product. Listen to their feedback and make them feel involved. Share customer pulse surveys and use the feedback to improve your product. Hit the product-market fit right.
Product feedback will provide insights for product innovation

Event Feedback

Trace your customers’ happiness and the experience they’ve had throughout their journey with you. To be precise, before sales, during interactions, and post-sales. Share customer experience surveys at all these interaction-points.
Collect feedback after every event

Website Feedback

Create experiences, reduce churn.

As the primary medium that brings you in touch with your customers, ensure they have a fluid experience with your website. Embed survey bots on your website, extend support, resolve queries, and collect website feedback.

Customer Satisfaction(CSAT)

Are customers satisfied and happy with your brand? Share CSAT surveys after purchase, before subscription renewal, or right support interaction to gauge their happiness. Satisfied customers stay. Thus, keep up with their pulse.
Make sure your customers are happy

Transactional NPS

Assess what customers feel after having an interaction with your brand using transactional NPS. It is necessary to gauge how the customer’s satisfaction has changed after their most recent communication.
Did your recent communication change your customer NPS

User Experience

Identify your ideal customer persona and enrich experience to bring in the right crowd. Share user experience surveys and identify the key points of customer behavior. Tighten your product-market fit.
Know your customer behavior
Ready to enrich your customer experiences ?

Our Services

Building an eco system to keep your customers happy

Online Presence

We build your digital business from consulting you on your online strategy

Customer Engagement

Use for customized tools to connect with customers thru multi channels.

Customer Experience

Listen to the Voice of your consumers. Use feedback to innovate products

Employee Engagement

Know the pulse of your employees. They are the company’s biggest assets.

Customer Support

Provide outstanding and continuous support to your customers and employees.

Product Experience

Know how likely are your customers willing to become your brand ambassadors.