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Online Presence - Whitesparkles.com

Looking for an online presence ?

We have over 20 years experience of enabling online presence for different kinds of business and now our AI enabled tools help you build a website or app without ever needing to know a single line of code.
We manage the complete setup of your online business from building the prototype to taking you live on our best of class hosting servers.

Use our AI enabled ecommerce tools to build your online business

We Make Building Software So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Sit back and do what you do best. Leave the coding to us

Your vision. Your software. We just build it.
- No tech knowledge needed
- AI means we can build more cost effectively, and at speed

- Your Product Expert is with you at every step

No Tech Knowledge Needed

Build anything you can imagine

With our tools you don’t need any coding skills or tech knowledge at all. But this doesn’t mean you’re constrained in what you can build – the only limit is your imagination. Just tell us your idea and we’ll build it for you, to your exact specifications.

A Unique AI-Powered Platform

By automating manual processes other software builders use – you get a quicker build, fewer errors and less developer time (which is what makes development expensive). Using AI to calculate a price based on the features you choose, gives you accurate costs and timings too

AI means we can build your project quicker, and more cost effectively

Continuous Support To Create Premium Products

What makes our tools special isn’t just our AI, but the experts who guide you through the whole app building process. They’re with you from that first call, through design and delivery. Project managing everything – so you get the highest quality product with none of the stress.

We’re with you every step of the way

Ready for a free test drive to build your online business?

Our Services

Building an eco system to keep your customers happy

Online Presence

We build your digital business from consulting you on your online strategy

Customer Engagement

Use for customized tools to connect with customers thru multi channels.

Customer Experience

Listen to the Voice of your consumers. Use feedback to innovate products

Employee Engagement

Know the pulse of your employees. They are the company’s biggest assets.

Customer Support

Provide outstanding and continuous support to your customers and employees.

Product Experience

Know how likely are your customers willing to become your brand ambassadors.